Monday, December 20, 2010

A basic introduction to my process...

I make paper sculptures - relief sculptures made entirely out of paper that has been cut, folded, embossed, curled, etc... I figured a good way to start "blogging" about my "art" is to show how I go about making it. I recently was asked to make a dragon, and took some pictures at different points in the process of creating it.

First thing I do is a drawing, usually a detailed drawing showing everything I am going to want in the final paper sculpture. I use this to figure out the shapes I need to cut for the sculpture.

Next I trace out all the shapes I'm going to need to cut, pick the colors, and then cut them out with an xacto knife. This person wanted a blue dragon, so I chose various blues and whites.

Next, I shape all the parts using various tools (embossing styluses, burnishers, needle tools, various cylindrical objects of different sizes - anything that will give me the result I am looking for at the moment).

Once all the pieces have been shaped I glue everything together, usually in sections, and then glue all the sections together.

Lastly, I take all of the completed parts of the sculpture and secure them to a background and end up with a finished sculpture.

"Blue Dragon" - 5 x 7 inch - 2010


  1. This is amazing! Who are you and how did it take me this long to find you?

  2. Mathew, achei legal que você nos de alguma dicas de como fazer escultura em papel. Aqui no Brasil não temos nada parecido. Vou aprendendo com você. Abraços.


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